Nuha Handal

As a Technical Director at maisam architects & engineers, Nuha is responsible for developing projects into their final format. her role includes the sustainability of the designer’s initial concept throughout the project at the same time incorporating requirements of the structural and electro-mechanical departments. Nuha’s keen ability in developing the design to suit the original requirements of the client and the requirements of the other engineering disciplines while always ensuring the designer’s vision enabling to provide the design in its complete format. Her high level of skills in CAD, and other computer skills adds to her strength in utilizing the same in the analysis of projects at several levels. Nuha brings with her extensive experience with distinguished Jordanian and Emirate architectural firms. Her key strength lies in leading and supervising the project team, coordinating with various engineering design disciplines involved in the project, conduct a codes analysis.

Key Projects:

Marsa Zayed, Aqaba, Jordan

C19 Residential Tower, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Petra Visitors Center, Wadi Musa, Jordan

RAKIA Accommodations, Ras Al Khaima, UAE

Cinmar Office building, Dubai, UAE

Al Darmaki villas, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Baccalaureate School Kindergarten, Al-Fuheis, Jordan

Al-Jeeza Residential City (Ahl Al-Azm) Dubai

Golf City, Residential villages Palace on plot 9 – Dubai Land Centre of Irbid Urban Regeneration, Irbid, Jordan

Renovation of Housing Bank Branches Shams Al Riyadh Residential project, KSA

Eng. Saeed Banna Villa, Dabouk, Jordan

Dr. Faisal Gabra Villa, Riad, Saudi Arabia

Mrs. Awatef Gabra Villa, Riad, Saudi Arabia

Private apartment building for Mrs.Mariam Lozi, Jubeiha, Amman

Housing project for Salah and partners Housing Co.

Housing project for Ganem Haddad and partners housing co., Aqaba, Jordan

Khalid Esbeita Villa, Amman, Jordan

Housing project for Imad Sweis and partners

Housing project for Elias Sweis and partners housing co., Aqaba, Jordan

Mr.Jamil Haddad semi detached villas at Al-Saroo\Al-Salt

Private apartment building for Mrs.Zeinab Mohamad Nour, Amman, Jordan

Housing project for Ziad Khalil Salem housing co., Aqaba, Jordan

Eshidya Mines Project of Jordan Phosphate Mines

Company Design Furnishing of The Central Laboratory of The Water Authority of Jordan.

Aqaba International Airport Main Gate, Aqaba, Jordan

Lighting of Ajlun Castle, Ajlun, Jordan

Vocational Training Center for disabled girls, Al Karak, Jordan

Administration offices building, Marka Airport, Jordan

Banking Studies Institute, Amman, Jordan

Wadi Musa General Hospital, Wadi Musa, Jordan