Randa Haddadin

Randa Haddadin, born in Russia, 1985, is an architect and a growing self-taught visual artist, living and working in Jordan. Haddadin obtained her B.A. in Architecture from the University of Jordan in 2009, currently she’s practicing her profession as a project architect at maisam architects & engineer. At the beginning of Randa's Arts Journey, she was exploring the more traditional methods in Drawing and painting, especially pencil, charcoal, water colors and acrylics, her first ever participation in an art exhibition was an arts' event under the title "Amman Street Art Fair" in 2010.

She was on the cover of the OC (On Campus- a local Jordanian Magazine) and the featured artist of the November 2011. Randa started exploring other more experimental methods in expressing oneself on a canvas, the combination of Coffee, Tea and ink with charcoal was a winner for her, her coffee art focusses on the soul of the city, movement and people, where she creates a new play on the canvas, as the contrast happens at the meeting point between the whiteness of the paper and the depth of the ink, in which the coffee becomes a mediator between both.

In 2012 her first coffee & Tea artworks were a part of "Portrait", a Collective exhibition which took place at "The Studio" Gallery, Amman, Jordan. In December 2012, Randa was a part of another collective exhibition "Colorful Festivities" at the Foresight Gallery in Amman, Jordan.

In 2013 her artwork was displayed in New York, in "The Story of the Creative" Collective Exhibition. In 2014, Randa's artwork was a part of the Oasis500 Launch for the creative industries fund, attended by HRM Queen Rania Al Abdullah, which was also featured on TV and Several Local Magazines. And in the same year she was featured on a Local Jordanian TV Program "Donya Ya Donya"-Ro'ya.

In 2015, Randa was invited to give a Three day workshop about her sketching techniques as Part of the international "Urban Sketchers" which took place in Ramallah, Palestine. In the same year she was featured on "A minute Marvel" Project, which features local individuals who are creative in their fields. She was also featured in the official trailer of "IDRAK" initiative which is introduced by HRM Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

Also her work was chosen to be part of Imago Mundi Project commissioned by Luciano Benetton, the art collection from Jordan was made into a book with the title "Jordanian Visions". As a visual artist, Randa is also perusing a career in illustration, through traditional and experimental techniques. Her fashion illustrations, which are a mix of pencil, ink, coffee and watercolor, are inspired by the international fashion brands. Her artworks have been recognized and reposted several times on the most prestigious brands social media accounts such as: Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Murad Osmann’s famous Follow Me To series, to name just a few.

In 2015 she did her first illustration Job, "Nescafe Dolce Gusto' Campaign, using coffee and ink. Randa’s artwork has been featured in many international websites and art platform blogs, currently, she shares her artwork on her Instagram blog @randahaddadin