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Amman | October, 2017  Ms. Batayneh discusses the controversial Aga Khan Award recipient for the 2014-2016 awards cycle. A project by the late Zaha Haddid, the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, completed in 2014, has been a hotly debated project in Beirut, Lebanon: "A new buildi...Read more

The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies have awarded over 132 new buildings, commercial and institutional developments, landscape architecture, and urban planning projects from 43 nations for The International Architecture Awards for 2016. Hundreds of submissi...Read more

Youm Jadeed interview with Architect Hazem Nimri and Dr. Emad Hijazeen on one of our special projects “Al Beida Eco-Village”. Architect Hazem spoke about our partnership with PDTRA and our role as maisam architects to this spectacular project.  ...Read more

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Randa Haddadin, born in Russia, 1985, is an architect and a growing self-taught visual artist, living and working in Jordan. Haddadin obtained her B.A. in Architecture from the University of Jordan in 2009, currently she’s practicing her profession as a project architect at maisam architects & engineer. At the beginning of Randa's Arts Journey, she was exploring the more traditional methods in Drawing and painting, especially pencil, charcoal, water colors and acrylics, her first ever participation in an art exhibition was an arts' event under the title "Amman Street Art Fair" in 2010.

She was on the cover of the OC (On Campus- a local Jordanian Magazine) and the featured artist of the November 2011. Randa started exploring other more experimental methods in expressing oneself on a canvas, the combination of Coffee, Tea and ink with charcoal was a winner for her, her coffee art...

In collaboration with the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority PDTRA, maisam is set to help develop the Beidha region of Petra, which falls between Little Petra and The Petra “siq”, both sites being a part of the UNESCO world heritage site, the Petra Archeological Park. maisam is currently designing an eco-village to build awareness of the importance of the site and to provide job opportunities for the local community, while instigating community-based action, collaboration, and sustainability. The project aims to provide a sustainable modular architecture for the Petra region and to offer ecologically sensitive and culturally appropriate design assistance to communities in need. To encourage community involvement in terms of income, number and quality of jobs, and heighten awareness, we aim to create a positive environmental impact and aid in the preservation of the world heritage site. The project is to give back to the community for years as it can directly help other service opportunities. An initiative is to be taken to involve...

Every Frame is a Painting:

Mastering the Art of Composition

Cinema in its purest form is a visual storytelling; by composing an arrangement of an image we could create an eye captivating piece of art while we convey the story, through staging, framing, depth and balance, we could present space in each frame.

Composition is the most important field in cinema’s fundamental principles, deciding the placement of subjects through view finding of a camera is not merely a technical decision, but rather an expressive one, or in other words, Composition is simply defined as how the elements in a frame are exhibited to the viewer.

Over the Millennia visual artists have realized successful visual templates that are used to this day, such as: the rule of thirds, golden ratio, and triangular composition....

"Architect for a Day" is an initiative held by maisam architects & engineers, where maisam opens its doors to share its inner values of creativity, innovation and design. The design process takes place within the core of its dynamic design lab, for an enjoyable learning experience, and a brief exposure to what architecture as a career is. maisam welcomes parents and their children to work on a project that is relevant to their needs (eg. your private residence, extension to a house or an office space). A team of 3 architects will be work closely with them to capture their ideas, guide them through the design process and support them in creating the product. The criteria upon with each project will be evaluated by: philosophy, interpretation, presentation and impact. The project will then be exhibited to the rest of maisam team and professional jury members for discussion, voting and announcing the winner.