Rita Rawashdeh

Rita Rawashdeh is maisam’s creative director, heading maisam’s designlab™. She leads a team of architects to achieve exceptional design solutions. Drawing on over fifteen years of experience, she combines the disciplines of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and art in an untraditional way, with a profound sensitivity for light and beauty. Her appreciation of both the outdoor and the indoor, coupled with a thorough attention to detail and an innate passion for aesthetics ensures a final product of exceptional standards.

Always seeking inspiration from extensive travel and her unique perspective on life, Rita interweaves her artistic aptitude creating distinctive solutions to each architectural challenge. Her use of contrasting materials arriving at a visually beautiful and coherent product is the sum of her individual creative expressions. Her ability to ensure state of the art visual elements forms the essence of maisam’s unique place branding and architectural expertise.

Rita works closely with her design team, motivating and challenging them to reach their innate maximum potential. Her responsibilities also extend to following up on the development and construction of projects to insure maximum alignment with the original design concept.

Rita’s extraordinary design capabilities have been illustrated in outstanding projects across Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, India, Pakistan and the USA. She is an integral part of the design process that arrives maisam at the forefront of award winning architecture both regionally and globally.

As one of maisam’s popular keynote speakers at architectural conferences, Rita is always on the lookout for new inspiration, experiences and learning to keep her ideas current and innovative. She draws her leadership skills from her professional associations as a member of MELA (Middle East Leadership Academy) and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) where the values of talent, character, integrity and conscience are core. Rita holds a B.Sc in Architecture from the University of Jordan. 


Key Projects:

Reem Tower 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Queen Alia International Airport New Terminal Building, Amman, Jordan

Amman Living Wall Mixed Use Project, Amman Jordan

Crystal City Development, Dead Sea, Jordan

Crystalle Mixed Use Building, Abdali, Jordan

The Atrium Commercial Building, Abdali, Jordan

A Gateway to Petra, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Petra Museum, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Kuwait Diplomatic Residences, Amman, Jordan

Signature Commercial Building, Abdali, Jordan

Jordan Dubai Capital HQ & Office Building, Amman, Jordan

Union Bank Branches, Jordan & Palestine

Umm Qais Resort Village, Umm Qais, Jordan

Umm Yafenah Islands Master Plan, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Erbil City Center, Master Plan, Erbil, Iraq

Ravi City Development, Lahore, Pakistan

Rift Bay Master Plan, Dead Sea, Jordan

Martyr’s Memorial Development, Amman, Jordan

VIP Village, Dead Sea, Jordan

King Hussein Convention Center Landscape, Dead Sea, Jordan

Dead Sea Conference Village, Jordan

Al Huda Plaza Residential Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

College of Art & Design, Amman, Jordan

Silver Tower, Amman, Jordan

Jordan International Insurance Company Headquarters, Amman, Jordan

Maani Showrooms, Amman, Cairo, Dubai.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Planning Complex, Amman, Jordan

Maani Building Rehabilitation, Amman, Jordan

Universal Equipment Corporate Buildings, Amman, Jordan

Royal Palaces, Jordan

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Amman, Jordan

Villa La Luna, Santa Fe, USA

Villa Maani, Oaks Hill, Amman Jordan