Najah Hammo

Najah Hammo, born in Amman, Jordan 1965, has experience as a senior architect specialized in area of technical production, project coordination and auditing. Najah also has experience in supervision, document control, excellent awareness of details, monitoring deliverable with ability to work effectively in pressured situations and can be relied upon to deliver on time with wide knowledge of Local Regulations & International Building Codes and FIDC. Najah Hammo enjoyed of traveling with her family, enjoys nature and eager to gain additional knowledge of historical places and other civilization.

Key Projects:

Marsa Zayed, Aqaba, Jordan

Reem 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Petra Museum, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Edgo 6th floor ID works, Abdali, Jordan

Edgo & Altaher Office Building, Abdali, Jordan

Ahyaa' Amman Boutique Hotel, Amman, Jordan

The Commercial Office & Residence of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Amman, Jordan

Urban Regeneration and Tourism Development, Madaba, Jordan

Queen Alia International Airport, New Terminal Building, Amman, Jordan

Aqaba International Airport Terminal Building, Aqaba, Jordan

Amman Civil Airport Terminal Building, Amman, Jordan

Le Royal Hotel (mall Levels and banquet) Amman, Jordan

Al-Mushatta Qualified Industrial Zone, Amman, Jordan

Beit Jala Commercial Building and Motel, Bait Jala, Palestine Al-Ribat Plaza

Mixed Used Building, Abo Dis, Palestine Disabled Club Building, Zarka, Jordan