Mohammad Alghazawi

Mohammad Alghazawi graduated from Al Albayt University, Mafraq, Jordan, with a Bachelor degree of Architecture in 2010. After a brief internship he began his professional career in a small consultant company in Amman, learning Construction Rules and Developing his computer skills with the most popular Architectural software which was the most important value for this period. Mohammad worked in a medium consultant company for two years, which gave him decent experience with the international regulations and projects, and also the chance to develop his skills in various architectural software. Later on, he worked as an interior designer in a small business for design and built, where he gained essential experience with using materials, quantities account on the site, and supervision. In 2014, Mohammad joined maisam architects & engineers.

Key Projects:

KIA Showroom, Dubai, UAE

Izmir Mall, Amman, Jordan

Bab Al Bahrain, Manamah, Bahrain