Katrina Bajet

Anna Katrina Bajet, born on 1st of May 1992, in Tarlac, Philippines, is an engineer and a highly motivated and dedicated administrative staff in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates. Bajet obtained her B.S. in Electronics Engineering from Holy Angel University in 2013, and awarded a license as an Electronics Engineer by the Philippine Regulatory Commission in the same year.

Prior to working at maisam architects & engineers, Bajet spent a year at SMK Electronics Corporation as a highly organized Process Engineer where her hardwork in process control and product development largely contributed in decreasing manufacturing defects which later resulted to an increase in company’s sales. Her exceptional dedication in attaining target yield resulted to an above average standing in her previous employer evaluation.

Due to her perseverance and capabilities, Bajet was also involved on other activities such as audit and inspection for full implementation of ISO standards. This opened her on other challenges facing assessments for future company improvements. She was also entitled to represent the Engineering team as the Supplier Auditor for the company’s primary supplier of process and output trays, Tanitech Philippines.

Today, Bajet serves as an Administrative staff for maisam architects & engineers- Abu Dhabi Branch. Her expertise in documentations, filing, inspections and knowledge on ISO standards sets her exceptional on her chosen field. With her diverse experience as an auditor, she was involved on maisam’s core team for full implementation and certification of ISO 9001:2008. Her key strength lies on her motivation and willingness to adapt maisam’s company policies, mission and vision. She was also entrusted to invest herself in learning the aspects of Business Development and Financial Archiving & Registration to grow and take a step further on her career path. Bajet’s qualifications prove her credibility and capability to rise, represent and stand for success.