Hazem Nimri

Hazem Nimri is the Group CEO and senior partner at maisam architects & engineers. With his extensive expertise in architecture and engineering, Hazem is an exceptional leader possessing the capacity to carry a project from initiation to final production, all while dedicating time an effort to strategic management, business development and expansion planning. Hazem’s ability to cleverly balance between client needs, project deliverables and design quality has earned him a reputation of versatility and objective fairness among his clients and peers. His progression in his career exposed him to numerous disciplines in the industry as well as in strategic management, expansion planning and management operations, while this has led him to a flourishing executive career, nevertheless, Hazem maintains his creative edge and enjoys his involvement in all design stages and disciplines.

As an experienced Architect and Master Planner, Hazem shaped unprecedented solutions for a number of marquee Master Planning projects such as: Umm Yafenah Islands in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Ravi City Master Plan in Lahore, Pakistan and the Rift Bay Master Plan at the Dead Sea, Jordan, in addition to many other Urban Design and Master Planning driven projects. Besides his technical and creative abilities, Hazem’s refined communication and networking skills led to several strategic alliances with regional and international experts in a wide range of large-scale projects and collaborations. He managed to successfully manage and contribute in designing and planning innovative projects in Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Pakistan and USA. His determination to examine every nuance of design enables him to provide effective solutions to projects of varying scale and requirements across all project stages and disciplines.

Hazem’s dedication to excellence does not stop at delivering high quality designs and solutions, he also is an avid supporter and practitioner of sustainability and responsible building and design. He always aims to instill this sense of responsibility in the new generation of architects and engineers, this has inspired Hazem to pursue a LEED Accreditation which complements his passion for Green and Sustainable Building.Hazem’s relentlessness and refusal of mediocrity led him to participate in various professional boards and committees in an effort to protect, sustain and develop the AE profession. Hazem played a strategic role in the taskforce committee of JV2020 to establish a comprehensive AE strategy for Jordan. He is also actively involved the AE Business Council where he advocates the development of the AE practice and uplifting business environment in Jordan. Hazem continues to dedicate his work to innovation, responsible designs and sustainable buildings, his substantial experience in both the technical and managerial aspects of the industry enable him to lead, inspire and most importantly aid in upholding innovation and creativity at maisam.

Key Projects:

Reem Tower 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Queen Alia International Airport New Terminal Building, Amman, Jordan

Amman Living Wall Mixed Use Project, Amman Jordan

Crystal City Development, Dead Sea, Jordan

Crystalle Mixed Use Building, Abdali, Jordan

The Atrium Commercial Building, Abdali, Jordan

A Gateway to Petra, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Petra Museum, Wadi Musa, Jordan

Kuwait Diplomatic Residences, Amman, Jordan

Signature Commercial Building, Abdali, Jordan

Jordan Dubai Capital HQ & Office Building, Amman, Jordan

Union Bank Branches, Jordan & Palestine

Umm Qais Resort Village, Umm Qais, Jordan

Umm Yafenah Islands Master Plan, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Erbil City Center, Master Plan, Erbil, Iraq

Ravi City Development, Lahore, Pakistan

Rift Bay Master Plan, Dead Sea, Jordan

Martyr’s Memorial Development, Amman, Jordan

VIP Village, Dead Sea, Jordan

King Hussein Convention Center Landscape, Dead Sea, Jordan

Dead Sea Conference Village, Jordan

Al Huda Plaza Residential Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

College of Art & Design, Amman, Jordan

Silver Tower, Amman, Jordan

Jordan International Insurance Company Headquarters, Amman, Jordan

Maani Showrooms, Amman, Cairo, Dubai.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Planning Complex, Amman, Jordan

Maani Building Rehabilitation, Amman, Jordan

Universal Equipment Corporate Buildings, Amman, Jordan

Royal Palaces, Jordan

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Amman, Jordan

Villa La Luna, Santa Fe, USA

Villa Maani, Oaks Hill, Amman Jordan