Halah Mansour

Halah is an Associate Partner, The Group Business Development Director and The Abu Dhabi Area Manager at maisam architects & engineers. Her leadership skills have allowed her to move quickly and surely in the organization to become a key player in maisam's core team. Halah is an exceptional team leader possessing the capacity to translate the company’s strategic goals and objectives into her day to day tasks and duties. Halah brings with her an immense technical and managerial know how that enable her to provide substantial input into strategic business growth and improvement decisions, playing a key role in overseeing maisam's overall performance and effectively participating in steering maisam towards achieving its strategic objectives.

Hala joined maisam in 2006 as a Junior Project Coordinator has displayed remarkable leadership potentials and a strong determination and devotion for knowledge and excellence which enabled her to make a leap in her career path at rapid paces by becoming an Associate Partner in 2008, the Head of the Business Development Unit in 2009, the Group Business Development Director in 2013, and the Abu Dhabi Area Manager in 2014

In 2007, maisam has been restructured into an Employee Owned Company by forming the Employee stock option plan (ESOP) allowing maisam's star employees to own shares and benefits in the mother company through a special purpose vehicle that owns 25% of maisam architects & engineers. Standing as an upholder of the company’s vision, with an exceptional professional devotion, work ethics and commitment, Halah stood as a strong candidate and joined in by being nominated as a Level C– Associate Partner in 2008 with a share of 5% in the Employee Company.  By joining the Associate Partners team at maisam, Halah enjoys the right to attend the shareholders meetings, elect a Board member, and the right to receive shares of the company’s profits.

As The Group Business Development Unit Director, Halah is managing the out reach arm of the business and is responsible for the development and implementation of maisam’s Master Business Development Plan, leading the growth of the company’s sales by sourcing and securing new leads, opportunities and contracts. Halah leads a team of Business Development Executives to maximize sales opportunities, proactively identify new markets and create new opportunities to achieve  Business Plan targets. Halah Provides strong coaching and mentoring for the business development officers and is focal in conveying the maisam’s culture, values and spirit to her team.

In January 2013,  Hala has been delegated to maisam’s branch office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and in 2014, she has been promoted to assume the Role of the Abu Dhabi Area Manager. Halah is still retaining her title and responsibilities as the Group Business Development Director. As an Area Manager , Halah Heads maisam’s Abu Dhabi office and team, handling the day-to-day functioning  of the office that was established in 2006 to serve the ever-growing market of UAE and other GCC countries. As an upholder of maisam’s vision, Halah is responsible for setting out the Branch office structure, strategies and policies in alignment with maisam’s spirit, aspiration and Culture.