House of Trashion, The Exposed Dumpster

House of Trasion -The Exposed Dumpster (prize winning project in the Omrania / CSBE award for excellence in architectural design- 2014 7th cycle). 

The exposed Dumpster is an urban prototype that targets waste materials and third-hand clothing (Baleh), The center recycles and repurposes waste into new materials.

Located in a neglected site with many empty buildings situated in the center of Amman. It aims at injecting new life in the downtown area by creating an inclusive space that encourages social diversity. The space will include activities that deal with recycling and trading in used clothing/garments (Baleh).

It fills in a wasted space, reinvents it, and regenerates it by manipulating new additions while enabling the scale of the project to fit very well within the scale of the existing urban context. It deals with the existing surrounding buildings in a clever way and presents a good articulation of architectural elements.

The infill of new masses and spaces between old architecture existing on site played a role in this project, where the challenge was using hybridity to link in between the two forms coming from distant times through articulation and sensitive material selection. Also creating vertical and horizontal circulation elements, the project creates different identities between the solid and the void, and creates spaces that are expected to have a new life, all of which provide for very powerful ideas. The design strategy shows sensitivity to the surrounding local scale.

The Building undergoes Metamorphosis in Architecture; which is a change in form, structure, character and appearance.  Metamorphosis is essentially concerned with transformations; of thought, flows, and body. Everything is transforming all the time and all at once.

For this project help us perceive the idea that architectural isn’t eternal nor everlasting yet has the ability to change and transform physically and internally, from this the locals took the widest layer where they were the decision makers and designers of their own façade and surrounding environment by engaging individuals to dwell into every aspect.